At its core, the service provided by CPSA is identifying first-principle safety risks, legal liability risks, and standards/guidelines non-conformances, and to communicate them along with recommendations via a report, typically with a table and associated photos and sketches.

There are many variances to the above depending on client requirements. For example, solely analysing a loading area; the risk of a structural column; providing a traffic plan; or a pedestrian network plan.

What’s the typical process?

  • On-site meeting with client to scope the assessment / audit
  • Provision of quote
  • On-site assessment conducted by senior engineer/s
  • Any necessary discussions with client through the process of writing the report
  • Draft report is issued providing the client opportunity to suggest modification to wording or make clarifications or corrections
  • Final report issued

Experience-based analysis complemented by CPSA’s specialised car park checklist covering 132 issues across 21 general car park safety themes. This specialised checklist is based on experience and 34 separate Acts, Codes, Standards, Guidelines, Research Reports, and parliamentary enquiries all directly or indirectly relating to car parks and car park safety. Engineers are accredited senior road safety auditors and chartered professional engineers (CPEng).

The cost is based entirely on the scope of the services requested. It can be as little as a few hundred dollars for a basic assessment of an individual issue. Normally it is greater than this because the following services are often requested:

  • Car park traffic plans (with or without full safety audit)
  • Identification of key safety issues with risk rankings
  • Standards compliance checks
  • Loading bay safety analysis
  • Identification of key exposures to legal liability
  • Risk assessment and treatment of structural elements (columns)
  • Provisions for elderly & disabled (DDA)
  • Conceptual and detailed recommendations commensurate to the risks
  • Recommend products suppliers, and third party specialist services such as lighting, slip resistance, security, hazardous materials, indoor areas, air quality, waste, energy
  • Facilitation of cost estimates and civil designs