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A human factors approach to traffic management awareness and training

Topics Overview
  • Construction Stage Traffic Management
  • Human factors, road readability, visual cues
  • Constrained environment problem solving
  • Unforeseen design / construction issues and solutions
  • Changing industry practices
  • Temporary traffic management at late construction stage (temporary + ultimate)
  • The ‘seven Cs’ industry cancers
  • What good and bad look like
  • When things matter and when they don’t
  • Series of minimums
  • Safety barriers Principles, system design, apply first principles to practice
  • VRU (vulnerable road user): Traffic controllers
  • VRU: Work zones and access
  • VRU: Pedestrians / cyclists
  • Signs, devices and controls
  • Specific recurring issues with detours, side tracks, contra-flow, highway duplications
  • Desktop planning
  • Delineation / channelisation
  • Day-night, urban-rural, high-speed low-speed.

An example-based approach to traffic management awareness and training

A human factors approach to traffic management awareness and training

Permanent Design/ Existing Conditions
  • Fixed hazard risk assessments
  • Road readability CAMs and chevrons
  • Safety barriers
  • Principles and system design (regardless of product):
    • Non-standard safety barrier design / brownfield;
    • Risk and reward;
    • Common Issues with Permanent Safety Barrier Design / Application;
    • Multiple frangible devices ≠ a frangible / functioning / forgiving system’
Apply first principles to practice:
  • Modifications and risk: A selection of common compromises
    / mistakes from planning, system design, administrative controls,
    adjustments, and improvisations.
  • Techniques for achieving length of need, no-go zones, sight
    distance, and avoiding front and side impacts.
  • Various construction-related issues with guard rail / concrete
    barriers / light poles / kerbs.