Car Park Types
  • Small / Medium / Large Shopping Centres
  • Commercial / Office Underground / Multi-Level
  • Warehousing / Industrial
  • Service Vehicle Yards
  • Airports / Hospitals / Public Transport
The truth is, car park safety doesn’t discriminate… if it’s a ‘moon-buggy park’ (on the moon), we’ll cover it.
  • Car park traffic plans (with or without full safety audit)
  • Identification of key safety issues with risk rankings
  • Standards compliance checks
  • Loading bay safety analysis
  • Industrial and warehouse safety
    Identification of exposure to legal liability
  • Risk assessment and treatment of structural elements (columns)
  • Provisions for elderly & disabled (DDA)
  • Conceptual and detailed recommendations commensurate to the risks
  • Recommend products and suppliers
  • Recommend third party specialist services such as lighting, slip resistance, security, hazardous materials, indoor areas, air quality, waste, energy
  • Facilitation of cost estimates and civil designs
  • Assist you in understanding design requirements and safety concepts so that you have more confidence in making future alterations
Benefits from CPSA Assessments
  • Safer car park
  • Reduced personal and corporation legal liability
  • Improve traffic flow
    Improved amenity is attractive to customers
  • Reduce aggressive and hostile behaviour
  • Reduce human injury and property damage
  • Improve functional operations/layouts