The Company

Car Park Safety Audits P/L began as a response to industry demand. It uses the knowledge from public roads as a basis for its specialisation in the issues common to car parks. Leveraging from a high standing with road authorities, developers, and legal firms, its staff are often called upon for specialised expert advice. The company brings reputation, expertise and practical solutions.

The Philosophy; ‘Safe System’

The Safe System approach recognises that even with a focus on prevention, road crashes will occur and the road system must be designed to be more forgiving of human error and attempt to manage crash forces to survivable levels. A Safe System is one where the likelihood of a road crash is reduced and where any crash that does occur minimises the risk of death and serious injury.

Even relatively low speeds can kill or seriously injure unless the vehicle, road and roadside environment take account of the physical vulnerability of all road users.

Why choose CPSA?
  • We know that car parks are different from roads. ‘Compliance’ loses meaning. Experience in understanding human behaviour becomes key, along with listening to the owner/operator explain the local operations and inherited problems.
  • Whilst we focus on safety, we understand the need to understand and accommodate capacity, major loading and smaller deliveries, customers, and trolley and maintenance activities.
  • We delve into direction, misdirection, cognition, expectations and human behaviour.
  • We are traffic engineers specialising in this narrow field, not product salesmen.
  • We combine first-principles safety with physical changes (including products where required).
  • We are independent and objective.
  • We work as expert witnesses in legal proceedings relating to car parks; so we know where to look.
  • We are the only company specialising in car park safety exclusively.
  • Our analysis checklist covers 132 issues across 21 general car park safety themes. Our internal analysis guide is based on experience and 34 separate Acts, Codes, Standards, Guidelines, Research Reports, and parliamentary enquiries all directly or indirectly relating to car parks and car park safety.